“She is a ghost, drifting in and out of reality, lost on her way to something more, not really knowing what more is, or if it even exists.”


When my daughter tells me the rape was her fault, I will

take her tears and mix them into the smelling salts

that will wake her up whenever she wants to die.

I will teach her the ways of the California Gold Rush:

will tell her that when a boy kneels between her legs…


[guesses correct password for old account] nice, ive hacked it

Never trust a man who howls at you like a wolf

without treating you like the moon.

― Meggie Royer. Metaphors My Mother Never Taught Me (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Don’t date someone you wouldn’t own a dog with


a strip club but instead of naked women its cute dogs that you give dog treats to for them to do tricks


i don’t ONLY care about myself. i care about like 5 other people. and animals.

wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

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I just want cute bras, nice tattoos and a chance to see the world
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I believe pain breeds wolves
and joys give rise to moons.

We grow forests in our bones
so our memories can’t find us.

I believe we hide and haunt ourselves.
Pavana (via thatkindofwoman)

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The female doesn’t want a rich man, or a handsome man, or even a poet. She wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and says, ‘Here is your home country.’
― Nizar Qabbani (via middlenameconfused)

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